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Umpire Information

  • 8/14/2021

    The Connecticut Interscholastic Conference 2021 Fall Sports COVID-19 Guidance August 12, 2021


    This guidance is a fluid document and

  • 8/9/2021

    If you are interested in being a mentor to new officials please contact Michelle Fontaine at or Kelly Braza at

  • 8/9/2021

    Officials Uniforms and Equipment

    1. Whistles:

         Traditional FOX 40 whistles along with electronic whistles are permissible.

    2. Face covering:

         Cloth face masks are permissible but not required. 

    3. Bring personal hand sanitizer. 

    4. Don't share equipment

    5. Follow social distances. 6 feet minimun distance when carding or talking with others.

    6. Do not shake hands during pre and post game cermonies

    7.Use radios to comminicateMore...

  • 8/9/2021

    Headset Information Update 8/14/2020

    The use of headsets and radios are MANDAORY for all officials who are officiating varsity games. It is expected that officials will have the radios charged, and ready for use for each varsity game. Please discuss who will be bringing them to the game and make sure you have two functioning headsets available.  The tuneMore...

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